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Intercultural Training – Strengthening Competence and Communication

My training officers are always tailored to each individual case and revolve around the needs of the participants.

During my intercultural trainings I deploy methods developed by me which connect the intercultural specifics with coaching elements. My trainings enable learning by experience, reflection and changes of perspective. They have lasting effects on the behaviour of the participants in intercultural contexts. My approach: only those who are aware of their own “cultural lens” can openly and without prejudice approach others.

I offer the following trainings:

Intercultural communication as key to successful communication – understanding the specifics of processes of intercultural communication while avoiding misunderstandings.

Cross-cultural intercultural sensibility – how does my “cultural lens” impact my perception, and how does it shape my perception of things which are not familiar to me. What impact does the cultural environment have on my identity and my actions within a culturally and socially diverse field?

Success factor for international cooperation – mastering the challenges of intercultural teams and intercultural cooperation in a resource-efficient manner. Creation of trust in intercultural cooperation.

Country and culture specific trainings for: Germany, Serbia, Hungary. These trainings prepare participants for working in the given country or with colleagues from the given country.

Train the Trainer – I also offer specialist training for other coaches who wish to learn more about intercultural communication.

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