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Success-factor Cultural Awareness makes a difference

Are you looking for a systematic consultant who is able to build bridges?

Who enables you to view issues from different perspectives?

Who is able to guide you through difficult moments?

Would you like to make a change, but do not know what or how?

As a consultant I am able to build bridges, think outside the box, and find solution.

Intercultural consultancy on the following issues:


Recognising differences in patterns of thought, communication and action of employees and developing common ground while taking into a account a multitude of perspectives.


Intercultural perspectives for compliance teams, culturally appropriate compliance communication.

Winning and Retaining Leadership Personnel

Create a corporate culture which views the diversity of your employees as a chance, which recognises the needs of your leadership personnel, and thereby become an interesting employer. This will enable you to gain a competitive advantage in order to retain ever scarcer specialist skills.

Bridging Gaps in Communication (Emotions vs Facts)

How can these differences and gaps in communication be bridged and conversation be enabled? Intercultural communication and intercultural knowledge can be key (enabling new perspectives for media and politics).

Women in Leadership Positions

Beyond “bad mother” or “powerful woman” – dealing with and navigating common stereotypes and creating networks.

Recognising Needs

Handling socially and culturally diverse employees, business partners, colleagues, and clients.

Be different

Promoting success and authenticity by communication specifically aimed at employees in the services and sales sectors. Discover a new path and differentiate yourself from your fellow competitors.

Conflicts – Individual or Systematic Approaches?

My approach (after Watzlawick): Change something, if you want to reach another outcome. Conflicts within systems can show problems which exist. They, therefore, offer a chance to change things for the better and prevent stagnation.

Presentations and Keynotes

On the following themes:
  • From the Soloist to the Choir: Intercultural Teams – Resources and Potential.
  • Be Different. Authenthic and Audience-Focused Communication.
  • Is the “ratio of women” a success? Breaking the “Thomas Cycle”.
  • Women in Leadership Positions: A Quota does not create Female-Friendly Cultures on its own.
  • Agility through Mental Mobility of Employees: Future-Oriented by means of Intercultural Competence.
  • Emotions versus facts: When “Numbers, dates, and facts” meet “I don’t believe it”.


Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your individual needs beyond the above examples.