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Intercultural Coaching – Developing Personalities and Perspectives

My coachings are resource-oriented and solution-focused.

In my coachings, your uniqueness is the central focal point. In the process, I guide you on your way to reach your desired goal and support you in finding a path which suits you.

I offer the following pathways:

Intercultural coaching:

You would like to embark on a journey of personal development, engaging your intercultural competence, to be able to communicate and act with more sensitivity in this regard. I help you enable a change of perspective and a reflection on your own patterns of communicating and acting.

Change of Perspective:

You work in an international or culturally diverse environment and would like to be able to better understand the actions and reaction of those around you. A change of perspective enables you to gain another point of view of situations or conflicts and helps you conserve resources.


You would like a change, to move outside of your monoculture, to be able to adapt to changing circumstances, to gain an understanding of other perspectives and thereby becoming successful in the long term. You would like to engage your own “blind spots”.

I help you on your journey.


Individuals in leading positions are often rather lonely. In my experience they are often surrounded by people who think like them or, if they do hold other positions, for various reasons do not give honest feedback. You work in politics, are well-known, or otherwise in a prominent position and feel uneasy, because you are identified as your role, rather than as an individual.

If honest feedback is missing, I can act as an emphatic and honest sparring partner.


You are abroad and encounter the challenges which come with such a posting. I know the challenges which expats and their families face from personal experience.

I am able to assist you before, during, and after your posting and am able to help you activate existing resources.

Role Model (Especially for Women):

House-wife, mother, daughter, successful leader – the constant feeling to have to achieve more professionally which has to be balanced with a guilty conscience as a wife and mother. I help you identify those things which sap your energy.

Can a healthy work-life balance be achieved?

Feel-Good Manager:

As a feel-good manager I take care of the well-being of your employees and help mediate between you and them.


Conflicts with other people can cost enormous amounts of energy. Or perhaps you encounter situations from which you would like to retreat but cannot. If you are unsure how to proceed, your uneasy can become a constant companion. But if you would like to break that pattern, I can help you do so.